Mind The

Skills Gap

// What Are
Skills Gaps?

Many organizations struggle to find individuals with the skills they need, either due to a lack of qualified candidates or an inability to connect with them. To help meet the demand for qualified candidates, TALENT equips professionals with industry-focused skills and ensures employers know exactly where to find them.

Let's Close The Skills Gap

In Canada, there is a gap between the large numbers of post-secondary graduates, their respective training, and the needs of real-world employers. TALENT’s mission is to close this gap by better preparing students for future opportunities, and by better supporting employers to communicate their needs and connect with skilled professionals.
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Ontario Chamber of Commerce members cited finding someone with the proper qualifications is their top challenge.
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small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) identified skills shortages as a major competitive challenge.
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employers say skills requirements will increase over the next decade.
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annual GDP is foregone because of skills shortages in Ontario

// Be Industry Ready

Build the skills today for the industries of tomorrow.
Canada’s labour force is undergoing a digital transformation while also recovering from a pandemic-induced economic slowdown. In these extraordinary times, the opportunities to innovate, grow, and prepare for the high-growth jobs of tomorrow are endless.
Solar, wind, natural gas, nuclear, bioenergy, and hydro-electric. Ontario’s energy industry is powered by the planet and filled with potential.
From automotive design to large-scale processing plants, Ontario is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge advanced manufacturing opportunities.
The pandemic has put a spotlight on the essential role that healthcare plays in society. Challenging, rewarding, and always in high demand, careers in healthcare are second to none.