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Coming in the Fall of 2022, are a suite of mental health nursing micocredentials.

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In partnership with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, TALENT has developed a suite of mental health nursing microcredentials. These microcredentials aim to address the gap in mental health care staffing and better prepare nurses and other medical professionals working in mental health care settings.

Microcredentials: a big amount of learning in a small amount of time

Coming Spring 2023: Therapeutic Communication, Trauma Informed Care, Relationships and Boundaries
TALENT has developed three instructional offerings to accommodate your unique learning styles and life commitments.


3 months/self-paced


3 months/self-paced
All features in Self-Paced


6 weeks/8-10 hours per week
All features in Hybrid

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Reach out to us to learn more about enrolling your employees into our microcredentials. We also offer custom microcredential development.

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